Whole Life Insurance

When you want closer control over your life insurance in order to make it better fit your financial goals: whole life insurance can provide unparalleled freedom to strike your own course when you buy financial protection.

With a cash value inherent on every plan, you are able to adjust your coverage month to month to either increase the face amount, or reduce the premium cost as you wish. There are two forms of whole life insurance: Participating and Non-Participating Whole Life.

Non-Participating Whole Life Insurance: Guaranteed minimum rates and a cash value that you can borrow against whenever you need. Often this plan is more suitable when you want a simpler permanent option with cash values.

Participating Whole Life Insurance: Allows you to invest into your life insurance to boost benefits, lower cost, or get a higher cash value for your borrowing needs.

When should you consider Whole Life Insurance?

  • You want insurance that you have control over.
  • You want to protect your family from estate taxes.
  • You expect your insurance needs to change over the years.
  • You want to build a retirement income to support yourself.

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