Over 50 Life Insurance

In the past, being over the age of 50 would render you "too old" for traditional life insurance. Today, we're proud to offer comprehensive and affordable over 50 life insurance plans regardless of your health or financial circumstances.

By insuring yourself before retirement, you may begin to build your estate for your family, and guarantee that your debts and final expenses are planned for and not left on their lap.

Why Canadians over 50 can benefit from life insurance:

  • You can ensure that end of life care and legal expenses resulting therein can be paid for.
  • You can protect your family against the consequences of your debt.
  • You can provide a valuable legacy to your children.
  • You can ensure that you leave behind only gifts, not expenses and bills

Our team of financial experts will help you find a solution that suits your needs with competitive rates that meets your budget. When you're ready to get started, simply use our free, no-obligation quote form and we'll handle the rest.