Long Term Care Insurance

Our ability to care for ourselves is important to our personal well-being, but as we age we may not find it easy to perform some day-to-day tasks. For many of us, simple acts such as dressing oneself or cooking a meal may become difficult in advanced age.

We can't predict when we will need long term care for our everyday needs, but we can budget for these care costs with the help of Long Term Care Insurance. By starting a plan today, you can ensure your long term care needs will allow you choose the type and quality of care that your health requires.

Advantages of Long Term Care Planning:

  • You have the ability to choose private care over public care, offering you a higher standard of living.
  • Provide financial aid for at-home nursing or a personal care worker.
  • Provide for basic needs such as cleaning, feeding, dressing, and basic lifestyle needs.
  • Removes the burden of care from family members whom may not have the financial resources to care for you.

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