Disability Insurance

Over half of all Canadians would not be able to avoid a financial crisis if they lost their paycheck, even for as a little as one week. A debilitating injury on or off the workplace can be a career-ending crisis or a temporary loss of income but, either way: it puts your quality of life in jeopardy.

Disability insurance remains the most effective means to protect the income you earn every day. A debilitating injury doesn't mean you and your family have to suffer from lost wages, a decreased quality of life, and medical and lifestyle expenses that may add-up precariously when dealing with a disability.

How Disability Insurance can help you:

  • Receive a tax-free benefit each month for you and your family.
  • Whether you’re injured on the job or off the job, you’ll still receive benefits.
  • Unemployment insurance only pays up to 15 weeks. Disability Insurance can pay up to age 65.
  • Essential support in helping you switch careers or in finding a new job.
  • Cover both costs of recovery and home bills under one plan.

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