BMO Life Insurance

For financial needs large and small, BMO Insurance’s position as one of Canada’s top bank allows them to offer a wide range of insurance products for any financial need. Many BMO Insurance plans also include a diversity of investment plans to help you manage your wealth alongside your protection.

With a wide variety of insurance plans offered by BMO Insurance, we invite you to learn more about the individual benefits of plans offered by BMO.

BMO Term Insurance

When cost, convenience, and simplicity matter most, BMO Insurance offers the easier path to term life insurance. In some cases, getting a term plan from BMO doesn’t require submitting to a medical exam, and a series of guarantees on your premiums and coverage ensure that what you see is what you get.

BMO offers the following Term Life Insurance plans:

Type of Plan Term Length Eligibility Benefits
Term Life 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Ages 18 to 75 Up to $5,000,000 in coverage. Optional critical illness and waiver or premium benefits.

BMO Permanent Insurance

Whether you’re looking for a simple no-frills plan for life, or if you want to maximize your wealth: BMO Insurance offers two critically beneficial permanent life plans to help you manage your money according to your wishes. BMO Insurance also maintains the distinction of offering more investment plans on your insurance than any provider in Canada.

BMO offers the following Permanent Life Insurance plans:

Type of Plan Term Length Eligibility Benefits
EasyOne Life For Life Ages 50 to 80 Up to $50,000 in coverage. No medical exams or long health questions when you apply.
Guaranteed Life Plus For Life Ages 40 to 75 Up to $50,000 in basic benefit coverage and up to $250,000 in accidental death benefit coverage. No medical exams required.
Term 100 For Life Ages 18 to 60 Up to $5,000,000 in coverage. Fixed and level premiums. Optional riders that can be added to your policy to maximize coverage.
Whole Life Plan For Life Ages 0 to 80 Coverage up to $20,000,000. Guaranteed premiums that can be payable for 10 or 20 years or until age 100. Guaranteed cash value.
Universal Life For Life Ages 0 to 80 Coverage up to $20,000,000. Flexible premiums. Tax deferred growth. Cash values.

BMO No Medical Insurance

Your health shouldn’t affect your life insurance options. That’s why BMO offers a selection of life insurance plans for Canadians young and old to still get the financial protection that they need without the costly repercussions of a medical exam.

BMO Critical Illness Insurance

Finding coverage for illness recovery is difficult if your family has a history of illness. Fortunately, BMO offers critical illness protection for a spectrum of needs, and can find you coverage even if you’re concerned you would be denied a plan.

BMO offers the following Critical Illness Insurance plans:

Type of Plan Term Length Eligibility Benefits
Life Recovery Plus For Life Ages 18 to 60 Two versions of the plan: Basic and Enhanced. Basic total benefits: Up to $25,000Enhanced total benefits: Up to $50,000Coverage for stroke, heart attack or life-threatening cancer.
Living Benefits 10 or 20 years or to age 75 or 100. Ages 18 to 60 Coverage for 25 critical illnesses.

BMO offers the following Accidental Death Benefit:

Type of Plan Term Length Eligibility Benefits
Accidental Death Benefit Up to age 76 Ages 18 to 65 Guaranteed acceptance with no medical exams required.

We are pleased to offer all life insurance products provided by BMO. For a quote on all available life insurance plans, please use our no-obligation quote provided on the right to explore your options and find the right fit for your needs.