As we live longer and remain in good health, we ironically run the risk of outliving our savings. Running out of savings to support your retirement can put your wellbeing and security in jeopardy, and runs contrary to a comfortable retirement.

Annuities are among one of many financial tools that Canadians are taking advantage of to ensure their savings can be budgeted properly throughout their retirement. With the right annuity plan, you can maximize your retirement funds and protect your lifestyle at any age.

We offer annuities with the following benefits:

  • Choice of term annuities and life annuities, to spread out your savings how you need it.
  • Guarantee periods, so your monthly benefit can go to your family should you pass away.
  • Choice of single or joint annuities for you and a spouse.
  • Supplement your annuity with registered RRSP funds or non-registered savings.

We are partnered with over 20 of Canada's leading insurers, allowing us to compare prices and values on a variety of life insurance plans from across the market. . Our team of financial experts will help you find a solution that suits your needs with competitive rates that meets your budget. When you're ready to get started, simply use our free, no-obligation quote form and we'll handle the rest.